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The neck is the passageway for life-sustaining body parts like the spinal cord, jugular, carotid artery, and esophagus. Yet it’s a part of your body that you probably don’t think much about until you get a crick, swollen gland—or a hickey.

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Neck swelling is caused by a buildup of fluid. It can be painful and accompanied by fever. When it is on one side, it may be due to one of these 7 conditions.

Lymph nodes in the neck can become painful for a variety of reasons, including an infection. Learn about your symptoms, possible causes, and treatment options.

There are many possible reasons for pain in the front of your neck. Understand the 8 common causes and their symptoms.

Even if a lump in your neck is not painful, you may want to have it checked. There are many possible reasons for a lump on your neck, including these 9 conditions.

Neck sprains happen when the ligaments in your neck become overstretched or torn. Sometimes you can treat the pain at home, but you may need to see your doctor.

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Stress and tension are just two reasons your neck may be feeling stiff. Other causes include injury, sleeping position, age, and inflammation.

Whiplash is caused by a sudden impact that causes the head to whip back and forth very abruptly, such as during an automobile accident or from a sports injury.

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