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We're here to help everyone

And that starts with an experience everyone can access

One Buoy should fit all. Our goal is to ensure that everyone can access our services without barriers.

Buoy’s approach to accessibility

We use the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG 2.1) to inform our web design and experience. Through rigorous design iterations, testing and development of our digital services, our goal is to maintain the AA technical standards as written in the guidelines.

Accessibility testing

Content on our site has been carefully reviewed for language accessibility at the fourth-grade level. To help lessen bandwidth consumption and improve overall performance, we leverage best practices like lazy image loading and use of visual landmarks to make navigation easier for screen readers and other assistive technology. And along with conforming to technical standards, we consult with a panel of users with disabilities for on-demand user testing.

Buoy's accessibility practices incorporates a number of tools and processes:

  • Visual inspection
  • Markup inspection
  • Color contrast analysis
  • Screen magnification with ZoomText and OS Magnification
  • Keyboard navigation
  • Various switch navigation
  • Alternative navigation with Dragon NaturallySpeaking
  • Screen reader testing with VoiceOver in Mac OS and iOS
  • Screen reader testing with NVDA and JAWS
  • Screen reader testing with Android TalkBack
  • WebAIM WAVE automated tests

A commitment is nothing without action. Learn more about the steps Buoy has taken to improve accessibility for users around the US.

Accessibility status for our products and services

Using our website on different devices

While can be experienced on all devices, our website may not follow accessibility standards on some older-model devices. As of now, our website has successfully passed accessibility testing on the following browsers and devices:

  • Chrome for PC, Mac, Android and Apple iOS
  • Safari for Mac and Apple iOS
  • Internet Explorer and Microsoft Edge for PC and Windows tablets
  • Firefox for PC, Mac, Android and Apple iOS

On this website, you should be able to:

  • Use any major operating system and web browser released within the last 5 years
  • Navigate the entire website by keyboard
  • Access all website content with a screen reader, and
  • Zoom in as needed.

Currently under development

Some parts of our website still need accessibility improvements. These include:

  • Most pages and document attachments are written only in English
  • Some user interface have poor colour contrast
  • Some heading elements are not consistent
  • Some images do not have image descriptions
  • Some buttons are not correctly identified
  • Focus may not always change as expected, and
  • Screen readers may pronounce some text strangely.

These updates are important. We're actively working to improve them.

Having problems? Let us know.

If you're encountering issues while using this website, ––or have a question related to accessibility, please contact us using the help center below.
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